Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Happy Coincidences

I want to be a person who hungrily consumes life, and I want life to hungrily consume me. I want it to be mutual, intense and emotional.
Ever have those moments when everything just makes sense? An epiphany, a sharp inhale, and then bliss? I usually have those around 10:30am at the top of a hill in Los Angeles, overlooking mansion-dotted hills, congested highways and thousands of buildings shrinking (on a clear day) into the Pacific Ocean. It is a feeling I try to color, number, and file away each time I have it, so that I may remember it physically whenever I need a dose of reassurance.
I am finding that every day, more and more elements of my life are matching up. Furthermore, they are matching up and now I am beginning to see the reasoning behind it, and the path in front of me keeps expanding. Cannes was one of those moments. I stood on my balcony after an awesome meeting with the friend of someone I'd met two days prior to leaving LA, and just marveled at the perfection of this turn of events - so perfect, that I know I most certainly had nothing to do with its inception.

Stop complaining about things please. Look for happy coincidences instead of reasons your life sucks and I guarantee you will find them, because God knows, we all love to be right.

(The picture at the top is one I took of a gorgeous sunrise in Cannes)

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