Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hello again my lovelies, I am writing to you from the Kensington area of London. This is a great part of town to be in - close to Kensington Gardens, which I have found is perfect for a scenic morning run, across the street from a starbucks, and in the midst of many of yours and my favorite shopping outlets. We have already finished our work for the week, which means that I have the three and a half days to just enjoy London! Luckily for me, my favorite modern art museum in the world, Tate Modern, is here. I think after my run tomorrow I will go check out what new things there are to see. There is also an amazing vintage store called "Relic" that I have been dying to visit again, and Portabello market on Saturday. Praying for good weather!
In London and for some events in Europe, the stylists we work with are Damien and Avigail, two of the cutest, and sweetest people I have ever met in my life - who also happen to have the most impeccable taste. One of the off days this week, Kim and I have decided, will be spent tackling TOPSHOP with them...I'm gonna go ahead and say that I'm excited for that. Left extra room in my bag. Holla.
In case you were wondering, we came here to film two TV shows, one evening talk show called "the Alan Carr" show (he is HILARIOUS!!!), and one morning show called "GMTV." Alan Carr has already aired, but I think GMTV will air later on this month.

Well, it is almost 3am here, and after a skype session with friends from home, I'm feeling cozy and just about ready to fall asleep. I shall write again soon...


  1. I love ur blog Ash....have fun in England...shhhh..don't wake the Queen And yes, Alan Carr is a NUTT!!!! LOLOL.

  2. So we watched a bootleg copy of a Rihanna concert from manchester while in Iraq and for some reason I don't remember Rihanna performing because there was this mesmerizing white back up singer that seemed to steal the show..=) Me being me, I had to know who this woman was, so I summoned the O'powerful google and he(or she) led me here..

    Keep doing your thing, you were great and I'm sure only big things lie ahead. We'll try to support(not that you need it) if you guys come through Germany...and while you are in the UK remember one pound is like two bucks!...;)


  3. Hi Ubi, are you still deployed? Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for all of us. I'm glad you found my blog!

  4. We just got back to Germany about 3 months ago.

    Good to see that you're enjoying Europe..