Thursday, 18 November 2010

EMA's, NYC, SNL., and other 3-letter acronyms...

Some highlights of the past month... :)

Kim and I feelin' so fly on a G6

I took them to my favorite little Parisian brasserie, Flottes, that has my favorite onion soup...everyone was satisfied!

Kim and I looking Gangsta with a capital G in our European Music Awards look

Hanging with the Ke$ha tour fam in Madrid!

the chandelier above the SNL stage

The kids at the Fish. ("Max Fish," bish.) NYC

Nuno contemplating The Nickelback....
Our friend Wendy, who used to tour with us back in the "Good Girl Gone Bad" days, tours with them and invited us down to Anaheim to see the show and hang out.

The crowd lining up for the MTV show in Times Square

Hope everyone's having a great week!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Fire (Fi-yah)

I'm in New York City. We're here for an MTV show called "The Seven," which we filmed today in Time Square, and for Letterman and Good Morning America. It has been some time since last I've posted, and that feeling of guilt over this horrific neglect has become too loud to ignore. It isn't that I regard this blog as a chore; on the contrary, I quite enjoy it - its just finding the time. So much has been happening, and I have several partially written entries (which I still fully intend to share), and myriad more in my brain, waiting to be released to paper (or, keyboard, as it were). . .
One of my high school best friends was married November 6th, to the most perfect-for-her man, and I missed it. I was working. It feels as though I'm doing that a lot lately - missing things. It makes a person wonder about the proper way to go about living. Am I doing it wrong? Am I constantly preparing, thinking about the future, and missing what's happening presently? I routinely check myself for these ailments. I believe it is important to do what we must now, in order to do as we please later, but I sometimes wonder how much. After all, one could argue that later doesn't really exist anywhere else but in our brains, and I'm inclined to agree. Why not live exactly as we please, right now, presently? Within reason, of course - it isn't a get-out-of-jail-free-card for hard work, but it does eliminate fear as an excuse not to take action.
It is thoughts like these that have lit a fire under me with regards to my own career. And man, is it blazing hot. With the help of the talented Jon Hill, I've filmed a music video, my first one EVER (hopefully the first of many). I've written more than an album's worth of material, and am in the process of meticulously recording each song, and ruthlessly narrowing down the bunch to a solid 8 or 9 tracks, which will be released sometime in January. I have a million ideas brewing, and don't see the point in waiting any longer to make them a reality. I am electrically excited. Here's a few screen shots from the video, which I will put up sometime next month! Yay.