Tuesday, 23 March 2010

We've begun rehearsals for the tour. The full-on, larger-than-life, two-hour, tour show. We're actually into the tech rehearsal mode - which means we've moved to a studio lot, in a gigantic soundstage, with full lighting, set, sound, the whole nine. Sometimes I take a look around at the surroundings that seem mundane (at times) now to me, and think "how on earth did I get here?" Here, rehearsing in a massive sound stage on a film studio lot, because no other rehearsal space in LA is large enough to accommodate the actual scale of the show I am involved in at the moment. Here, waiting to finish dance rehearsals so I can leave to go to a late night writing session with people who have made millions of dollars documenting the intellectual property that I am currently helping bring to life on stage. Here, preparing to leave the country for 6 weeks for the 10th time in 3 years. Here, feeling a little overwhelmed by it all.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Peepl Wotcheeng.

There are ten thousand and one thoughts running around in my head at this moment, and I know I want/need to write...so here goes nothin'.

People are so amazing. I like people watching, because I like to try to figure out what is being said between friends, what this or that person is doing on their blackberry, or what he or she thinks about that book. It's like being a detective. More than that, I like to imagine what it would be like if I WERE that person - what would be the worry in the forefront of my mind? what small problems would I be stressing about? What kind of place would I return home to when I've finished my daily obligations? What kind of person would I be if I had not been born to my own parents, raised in my town, and experienced life thus far with my friends? Would my ideas about life be the same? not likely.
Human connection is of the utmost importance. Why are we here, if not to love and learn from one another? All we are is a bunch of lost souls, wandering around, bumping into each other, trying to make sense of it all. What we have somehow forgotten is that WE ARE ALL SOULS. Cut from the same fabric. Single drops of water from the same ocean. Whatever you're looking for at any given moment can be found, usually in people. What a gift God has given us in the reassurance of a like minded friend. It can be the tipping point for a life-changing decision, or just the pat on the back and the affirmation that the sky is, in fact blue.

a'ight. Time to bump into people (and dogs) at runyon. PEACE be with you. (and also with you.)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Walking' round London-town

Hands down, one of my FAVORITE things to do on tour is walk around a beautiful city by myself. It is such a great way to absorb it; people watching, popping in and out of interesting shops, discovering great restaurants - I love it. My first day off in London, I proudly marched into the Kensington-High street tube station doing my best to hide the city map I'd been given by the concierge. I rode the train to St. Paul's Cathedral (the site of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding), and walked across an extremely shaky (due to strong wind) Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern. I heart Tate Modern. If there was a t-shirt, I'd buy it and rock it proudly. Open now, is a special interactive exhibit by Miroslaw Balka entitled "How It Is." Sitting on the ground floor of the museum is a giant cast iron shipping crate that is probably 25' x 20' x 50', and it is only open on one end. The walls are covered in pitch black fur, so once inside, all light is absorbed and it seems as though you've walked into a black hole. It is meant to conjure feelings associated with the unknown, and allow the experiencer to observe and examine his/her own method of confronting or accepting that. Do you march in confidently? Do you inch forward slowly with your hand on the wall for guidance? I ran straight into the back wall. That's muh shee-it :) It's there until April, I believe so go check it out if you can! Also at the museum all the time is an entire floor devoted to surrealism. Dali, Miro, Masson, Tanguy, Arp, even a few by Picasso.
The following day, Saturday, Kim, Dara (our Def Jam Label rep) and I met up with Damian and Avigail (the stylists) at the huge TOPSHOP at Oxford Circus. --"heaven...I'm in heaven..."-- We pretty much made a killing. Afterwards, I walked over to Portabello Rd and explored the Portabello Market. No Matty, it does not rain Balsamic Vinegar. It does however sport rows upon rows of quirky antiques, wares, clothing, jewelry, fresh fruit, crepes, churros - you name it. I found some amazing jewelry pieces for dirt cheap, and had myself a nice little warm crepe before it started to get dark and rainy. Later on in the evening, Damian, and Avigail took me to one of the swankiest restaurants in London, called the Wolseley. I had eggs benedict just because I felt like it. Everything we had was delicious, and I will definitely go there again.

Which brings me to Sunday.
I fed Swans in Kensington Royal Gardens, and ate the best Lebanese food I've ever had in my life. Also got an amazing pair of denim heels. Peace out London!