Monday, 8 February 2010

Songwriting and other delightful things

Hi. This is the first time I am posting a blog while in LA, and let me just tell you, I like it. Watch out 12 followers, there is more where that came from!

Super bowl weekend was fun, and weird. Fun because the team I was rooting for (the Saints) was the underdog, and if you don't live under a rock, you will know that they won. Everyone loves a winning underdog. Except Colts fans. Weird because I sat on pillows made of mink and chinchilla fur and watched the game at someone's house whom I was not previously acquainted with, in the company of wide array of strange-os. After the game, my friend Kim and I were driven home by two Orange County homicide detectives...which would explain why they were at a Super bowl party in Beverly Hills (way too much time on their hands).

Today was a productive one for me - between a lunch meeting, an after-lunch-music-swap-let's-work-together-powwow, and a writing session, I'm feeling very inspired! I am looking forward to the month ahead, since I will be in Los Angeles working on new projects, and finishing those already begun.
Isn't the creative process incredible? I swear I get high from it. Pulling ideas from the ether and piecing them together in a way that makes audible sense is something I will never tire of. In the way that books are preserved human thought, I think music is preserved human emotion. The fact that you can listen to a song and feel what it's writer was going through when he/she wrote is SO FREAKING COOL. I love that my life has a soundtrack and when I hear certain music I am taken right back to the time in my life when that specific music was always playing around me. What an amazing gift to human kind. Thanks again God, you're brilliant.



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