Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sometimes when I witness something incredible, I try to think of how a poet would describe the situation. For instance - today as we were flying into Oslo, Norway, being high above the clouds was nearly a spiritual experience. I imagined a he would paint the clouds as "a simultaneously wispy-whimsical and ostensibly solid silvery blanket sheltering the earth with quiet majesty - broken only by the occasional Grand Canyon, water-falling perpetually downward toward civilization..." You know, stuff like that. I also (to my chagrin) laugh involuntarily every time I see the trailer for that new Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson film, in which he dresses like a big pink tutu-ed tooth fairy. So much for sophistication.
After a much enjoyed two weeks off in Los Angeles, It is back to work, for a few little things. Kevin, Brian and Nuno went to Chicago to play on the Oprah show today...they didn't use singers! :( Peforming for her show is still on my list, and this being the last season of it, time is getting down to the wire here. Instead, Kim and I traveled to Oslo, and are awaiting everyone else's arrival tomorrow. We are filming a Norwegian TV show, supposedly.

Off to Cannes on Friday! Can't wait. :)



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