Thursday, 24 February 2011

Stop Eating so much Got-Damned bread

The title of this post is the last item on the to-do list I just typed out for myself. I added it unconsciously, and then agreed with myself after I read it back. Recently, I finished a 21-day-raw-food-only detox (that means no starches of any kind, no sugar, no caffeine, no meat, no dairy, no cooked ANYTHING) during which I lost about 12 pounds. I didn't need to lose that much weight; when I glanced in the mirror, I saw someone who looked alarmingly like Gollum.

Since I had been so disciplined for 3 whole weeks, I began to reward myself in the form of wonderful, deliciously decadent and starchy dishes... which are great, but now that I don't look like a cave creature anymore, I'm trying to find some form of balance.
Ah yes, Balance.
Maybe it is the fact that I am a creative type, surrounded by creative types, but I'm finding that things are extremely one way or exactly the opposite these days. One week I am incredibly focused on music, and all the lovely, careful, fleeting nuances that go along with crafting something beautiful/terrible/insightful/sarcastic/insistent-upon-itself. The next 7 days I spend glued to my computer, answering the emails I neglected, promoting shows coming up all too soon, trying to wrangle band members for rehearsals, and generally stressing out. And that's just the career side of life... I feel a bit guilty that I haven't spent enough time with my family lately, and there are definitely several good friends that I've been "meaning to call," and haven't because I can't find a solid hour to catch up and I know that's how long we'll need.
I'm not complaining, Lord knows I'd rather be running around like a chicken with my head cut off than bored, but I need a little organization, and while I'm at it, maybe I could squeeze a little quality time with myself in there too. (giggity) ;)


  1. Career is always time-consuming, especially in its beginning. I know it by myself. I still can't find a balance between the career and the other side of life (boyfriend, friends, family). It's too hard. But I just live my life and try to do everything possible to spend enough time with my friends and family.
    So,Ashleigh, I hope you'll find your balance someday. Good Luck!!!

  2. That thing with you looking like Gollum after that 21-day detox was hella funny! LOL. Maybe I should try that because I need to lose weight. But stress is eating me alive right now so all I turn to for comfort is food, which sucks!