Thursday, 17 February 2011

Six Down, One To Go

I just realized that, after my recent trip to South America, I have stood and sung on every continent in the world, except for Antarctica. Jeez Louise.
We went first to Santiago, Chile, and next to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Both were lovely and beautiful and SUNNY (It's summertime there...ya know, Southern Hemisphere, or So-He, as I like to call it)! The seafood and red wine in Chile are worth the trip alone.

I have heard it said that Buenos Aires is like the Paris of South America, and indeed it is true. The city is old and beautiful and romantic, with asphalt hardly covering miles upon miles of cobblestone streets. They are famous for all things slightly naughty and delicious - red meat, art and tango. Lindsey and I walked around San Telmo, the oldest barrio (neighborhood) in the city. It is home to antique shops, tango parlors, cafes and a semi-permanent open air market in the Plaza Dorrego.

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