Monday, 19 April 2010

Bus Tours are Awesome

(written 4/19/2010)

I love bus tours. Especially in Europe. No airports: which means no lines, no nasty security personnel, no lugging heavy bags long distances. Our bus has several different lounges, all with flat screens and a library of movies to choose from, two floors, a kitchen, a fancy bathroom complete with a screen that displays an array of tranquil scenes (because being in the bathroom on a bus can be rather stressful, apparently) - but my favorite places on the bus are the very front in the passenger seat next to the driver, and in my bunk. I love sitting in the big captain's chair and watching the road and just being quiet, away from everyone else. I love snuggling up in my bunk with a good book and being rocked to sleep by the curves in the road. I love returning with the band to our temporary home at night recalling the mishaps and memorable moments we experienced during the show we just finished. I love being the first downstairs in the morning during a long drive and greeting my weary eyed traveling companions/co-workers/surrogate family members with a warm cup of tea as they stumble down the too-small staircase. A few nights ago, after the show we stayed up until 4am just chilling out, listening to music, talking about our plans and our dreams and our lives. (the fact that we are all still a bit jet-lagged aided in our collective insomnia, no doubt.)

We are officially touring now. We have played two shows in Europe already, in Antwerp (Belgium) and Arnhem (Holland). Tonight, with a few minor changes for the better, we perform in Zurich, Switzerland...


  1. Hey Ashleigh! I just wanted to thank you for the amazing show yesterday in Oberhausen. It was so unrealistic. I loved your black outfit with all that glitter. Really amazing.... Still can't belive it, honestly. And I was so happy when you three sang "Wonderwall + Hate That I Love You" on that pink tank and I was smiling at you and waving and you waved back!! Thank you for the show!

    -- Michelle

  2. Hellow. i wonder wich company you are using for the bus cause I have to find one for Timbaland but I am not sure aboutmy choice

  3. By the way, the showin Antwerp was very nice. And I get 2 meet and great invitation in Paris. Gonna be great =)

  4. Hey Ashleigh!

    I can just agree with Michelle. I visited the show in Frankfurt and I have to say the 7 hour wait (!!!) in front of the arena was worth it. The show was EPIC!
    Thank you for keeping us updated with this lovely blog!
    Thanks again and have fun in the next cities you'll be performing!


    P.s.: Please follow Rihannalism on Twitter :-)

  5. OH MY GOD!
    I'm on the picture!!
    1st row, in front of the tank x.x

  6. Hey Ashleigh!
    As a former busdriver I loved reading this bus tour blog. During a trip a girl came up at night,asked if she could sit up front and said it was the best seat, then she was silent throughout the nightdrive through France and said thx afterwards:)Now I think I understand why she thanked me,haha. Still think the drivers seat was tha best though;)All tha best for the upcoming events and a big hug to you, Rihanna and all band/crew members! Love ya all