Saturday, 28 November 2009

A. Rant, Esq.

Find conviction in something. How does one go though life - no, through one single day - without passion? What reason does one have to wake up and go, if there is nothing driving the action? Sorry to be depressing, but honestly, this is a serious issue, and I believe a monstrous road block to all things good. Love, Happiness, Contentment, (not complacency) and a deep understanding of and connection to something higher.

I believe God gives every person the capacity to live a passionate life. As the saying goes, if you don't use it, you lose it. It has become human nature to want everything right now, to have pleasures immediately. I think that part of what makes those things so wonderful is the amount of work and sweat and heart that goes into "achieving" or "obtaining" those things. Obviously, anything truly worthwhile cannot be had instantaneously; people become so frustrated and focused on what they do not have, that they forget the joy of the journey. Life is about the work, it is not about the result. We humans could not possibly predict the future. All we can do is the work, and the rest is out of our hands. When I say work, I mean labour of love.

Yes, be realistic, because we all need to have our place in the throngs modern society, however, do not allow your fears to paralyze you. It makes me so sad to see that happen. Everywhere. It is heartbreaking. sometimes I just want to shock people to life. Wake up! Your time here is limited, so why waste a single second perpetuating a passionless life, just to get by? If you have a family, friends children: realize that what you are doing for work is done in order to maintain the wonderful life you have, and choose to appreciate it for that. If you are constantly worrying about something else, you are missing what is happening right now. And what is happening right now - IS your life. And now. And now. And now...

Thanks for reading this Thanksgiving-inspired rant. Mine was wonderful (my holiday), and I am SO thankful to have been able to spend it with so many lovely people. My life is so rich because of these relationships, it is such a blessing to be able to share a great meal with one another. I feel all warm and fuzzy. and really, really full. :-)

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  1. Hello Ashleigh! I'm a fan from Brazil, just writing to tell you I'm certain that such nice words above will make us think carefully about life itself, and I do agree with you, we need to be passionate in everything we dispose to do. It's not easy, most of the time we don't reach our goals, get frustrated, but then I remember, as you said, "life is about work, it is not about result". That's one of my strong thinkings about life, and you said it all. So thank you for that.

    I'm very happy to see you performing with Rihanna again, had much fun seeing you walking by the stage and dancing too (just watched videos from Brixton Academy). But of course, you and Kim are doing a great job by giving Rihanna a powerful and soulful vocal base. I was just amazed with how "Please don't stop the music" got so harmonically rich with your voices. The whole band is great, sounds even more mature, new musics and great new versions of old ones, and as a musician aspirant, I'm very pleased to follow this evolution. It's very clear how you like what you're doing. :)

    Thanks for reading this, sorry about my poor English, love your music (I always stop by to listen at myspace). Salutations from Brazil!