Tuesday, 24 November 2009

bluer skies ahead

This week was a very difficult one for me. I know God does not throw anything at me that he doesn't think I can handle - and I can, of course - but GOL-LY. I am praying that this week is better...and actually, it already is. :-)
I arrived in New York City yesterday very early in the morning. After sleeping half the day away, I had quite an enjoyable day off!
We performed in the middle of Times Square this morning on Good Morning America. It was FREEZING, but really fun. Tons of fans came out to support! Now we are all squeezed into one small dressing room at the David Letterman studio, chatting, eating, sweating, until it is time to go down for rehearsal....

Just found out I get to go home for Thanksgiving. Thank you, God.

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