Wednesday, 22 December 2010


The rain that has plagued Los Angeles for ages (7 days straight), is rumored to be clearing up tomorrow, and I hope and believe that my favorite type of weather will be upon us. I predict, with my glass-half-full know-how, that tomorrow will be chilly, and the sun will be shining. That's the kind of winter I'm used to. Perfect jogging/hiking/biking weather - OK, I'll stop being a spoiled native Southern Californian now. The truth is, this is the most rain we've had in ten years. The reactions have been downright ridiculous. Nearly every update on facebook and twitter from LA dwellers has been about the relentless bad weather, and Los Angeleans everywhere are lamenting their asses getting fat because they don't know how to exercise indoors. Crisis truly has hit our fair (or maybe not-so-fair anymore!) city.
No, but seriously -
Stop complaining everyone. It's rain. Just thank your lucky stars, you know, the ones on Hollywood Boulevard, that you don't have to shovel it away every morning.


Ashleigh :)


  1. This one sentence about the asses getting fat made me smile. We're here in Germany do have the same problem, because it's snowing like hell over here and everything is going crazy. They're reporting daily that trains, cars and plans couldn't move and people get stuck EVERYWHERE. I like snow, but this is seriously sick.

    -- Shelly

  2. Wow! That's crazy. Well, If you can, get to a christmas market and have some naughty hot chocolate for me! That'll help keep you warm :). Hope the snow lets up soon...